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How Pricing and Customs Work When Moving Your Freight

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There are various costs associated with moving freight and cargo cross-border. Here are some things you need to consider and prepare for:

1. Customs Papers - what your product is, there are different papers for different product. Example: FDA papers required for anything that is made for human consumption. 

2.  Returning damaged goods - Products sent for repair and being shipped back to the country of origin. Usually the cost through customs for something like this is less than shipping new product cross-border. 

3. Tolls - Some states have toll highway that cost more. Certain carriers will avoid certain places because of tolls. 

4. Weight restrictions - Maximum weight restrictions exist depending the state laws. 

5. Dimensional restrictions - Consider things such as height and width as well as length when moving cargo. If over requirements, you need to do a route survey. 


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