AFC Careers

Why Become An AFC Agent?
At Affordable Freight Consultants we offer business partnership opportunity. An experienced broker can own their own business and earn a substantial income as a sales agent. Continue reading to learn more about this opportunity.

What does it mean to be an agent with Affordable Freight Consultants?
• You are affiliated with a well-respected company known for exceptional customer service.
• You are able to use the name, identity, awareness, liability insurance, bonds, resources, etc. of Affordable Freight Consultants.
• You have the opportunity to make more money through your commissions.
• You have control over your own success.
• You have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you are a business entrepreneur.
• You operate with the financial strength and stability of Affordable Freight Consultants

What are the benefits of being an agent with Affordable Freight Consultants?
• Timely commission payments. You are paid bi-weekly on invoices received.
• Direct deposit. Commissions are paid to you through direct deposit to your bank.
• Regional sales support.
• Minimal startup expenses.
• Payment of freight charges to your carriers.
• Central billing of loads from the corporate head office.
• We process and maintain all required paperwork for loads.
• You use the recognized name of a well-known and respected company.
• Affordable Freight Consultants provides WebFreightPro® dispatching and accounting software to established agents.
• You have access to technological advances and upgrades within our infrastructure.
• Experienced corporate staff are available to support you in all aspects of business operations.

Affordable Freight Consultants asks you to provide the following:
• An established customer base.
• Established carriers (reviewed and approved by Affordable Freight Consultants to ensure quality and service expectations can be met).
• An office with a computer, fax and telephone.
• The ability to generate $100,000 a month in sales.
• Willingness to follow Affordable Freight Consultants policies and procedures.
• Knowledge and experience of the freight industry.
• Assistance in obtaining required documentation from customers and carriers.

Want more information?
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